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Welcome to Violin Shop Sirena in Tokyo

Sirena staff

Welcome to the official website for Sirena, Tokyo's premier violin and string instrument shop.

Since it first opened in 1970, Sirena has been Tokyo's definitive source for the import sales and repair of violins, violas, cellos, and other string instruments throughout its 50 year history. Our selection includes a variety of string instruments, ranging from vintage instruments to ones crafted by modern day maestros.

We feature strong connections with renowned Italian maestros, allowing us to carry a variety of string instruments suitable for professional instrumentalists, students, and children alike.

It is our goal to treat each and every customer with the utmost respect while providing them with the highest level of service. In fact, many of our earliest customers have grown alongside us, eventually sending their children and even their grandchildren to us for all of their violin, viola, and cello repair and adjustment needs.

Our number one priority is to bring you the highest-quality string instruments at a reasonable price, while providing superior after-sales service and adjustments to enable your instrument to maintain peak performance. We can show you how to change your violin strings as well as how to provide basic care and maintenance for your instrument.

We also have a number of regular overseas customers, so please pay us a visit whenever you are in the Tokyo area.

Selecting an Instrument

"I'd like to learn to play the violin, but I don't know anything about their pricing or the difference in sound between different violins." Have you ever felt this way in regards to choosing a violin? At Violin Shop Sirena, we can help beginning players select the perfect string instrument with our instrument concierge service. We will provide a variety of different violins in order to find the best instrument for your particular needs and budget.

Violin Pricing

In addition to violins, pricing for violas and cellos can also vary greatly between instruments. Sirena features a wide range of string instruments, from starter-level violins to high-end instruments worth more than 10,000,000 yen. When it comes to music instruments, more expensive does not necessarily mean better. Therefore, it is our goal first and foremost to find the instrument that is exactly right for your needs.

The Sirena Advantage

Our goal is to bring you the highest-quality string instruments at a reasonable price, while providing superior after-sales care to ensure that they sound their very best. This has been our guiding philosophy for the 47 years since our inception. Our store is a string instrument specialty shop featuring a number of highly trained staff. Come work with our experts to find the instrument that is just right for you.